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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is how you make your website visible at the top of the search results pages in order to attract organic traffic to your website and ultimately drive more enquiries, conversions and sales.  Our SEO experts carry out website and server optimisation to make sure your website remains fast, reliable and trusted by Google and other search engines.

Search engine optimisation is designed to raise your business profile, brand and website higher up in the search engines organically. It helps customers find you and the services or products you’re selling. The higher you are in the search engines the less chance of you potentially losing out on a sale to your competitors. 

We help our clients by implementing latest strategies and techniques to improve their website ranking through backlinks and quality content that is well optimised through SEO. We work with you to optimise the content making sure it has the most relevant keywords and phrases that your prospective customers are using to find the products and services you are providing. We do this through keyword research and analysis, that includes competitor analysis and latest trends. 

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SEO reports and Google analytics 

We use Google Analytics and other tools, to review digital marketing data, so that we can report and measure the effectiveness, success and performance of your overall website and the successfulness of existing and new content that is added.

Our digital marketing team monitor the level of engagement you’re receiving from website users, and which content is performing best. This enables us to report on what content is attracting the most traffic and which keywords and phrases are producing the best results on an ongoing basis.

The ultimate goal is to produce content that the Google algorithm favours, ensuring quality content that aligns with what your target audience are looking for. Good content that is well optimised shall improve the customer experience and is a key instrument in ensuring your website is visible in the search engines, for the keywords, terms and phrases people are using to find your products or service. Monitoring your competition, optimising existing and new content, enhancing keyword research and building backlinks, all help in improving your ranking on Google and making your website more visible.

How can SEO help your company

Effective and quality SEO will not only improve a website’s overall searchability, it’s an important element in taking your brand to the next level and means that you’ll be continuously improving the user experience your website provides, through faster site speed and well structured content and optimised web pages.

Brainiac Media's SEO experts ensure we provide quality content loading, backlink building and fully optimised web pages that are delivered to a high-quality, which helps our clients businesses remain highly visible and a trusted resource on Google. Our SEO service makes sure your website is easily searchable as a result of quality content that delivers trust, credibility and authority which Google’s algorithm favours when ranking websites in their search engine. 

When you optimise your website, it doesn’t just improve your rankings in Google, Bing amd Yahoo it also moves you above your competition. 

Our SEO team research and analyse the best terms for your business and work with you to optimise your website content to improve your ranking organically, we also use link building techniques linking your website to other websites to help your site rise in the search engine rankings and increase traffic, enquiries and sales.

If you need help with the SEO of your website, get in touch with our SEO team today.    

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Snow Lab

We have used Brainiac media for the past 3 years and have always received exceptional service and support. Rob and his team have vast amounts of knowledge and knowhow...

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Snow Lab

Peliwica Insurance

Brainiac media have been great, I have used them to help build my website and integrate it into other 3rd party systems which was key to my business, as well as managing all my email, URL's, cloud services etc. They are very approachable, keen to help solve problems and have a deep level of technical, marketing and SEO knowledge. I've been so happy with their service and capability I am always recommending them to my own customers!

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Peliwica Insurance

Helping Rhinos

Brainiac Media have provided the website for Helping Rhinos for a number of years now, and take great pride in the service they deliver. Rob and his team are always on hand to help us with anything we need to improve the site. We have recently undertaken a large piece of work to rewrite much of the functionality driving our website, and the flexibility shown by Brainiac in accommodating our ever changing needs has been first class...

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Helping Rhinos

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