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The #1 All-In-One

Brainiac Business Platform
The Smarter Way to Elevate Your Business

Make Your Life Easier with an All-in-one Smart, Easy-to-use Automation Tool.

Keep all your leads, customer and member data and conversations in one place.

Brainiac Business Platform is designed for managing and engaging your prospects, leads and customers with powerful automation features that elevate your marketing and sales processes.

With a customisable dashboard, you can get a full picture of your customer and leads data their engagement, the latest communication, where each customer or lead is in their cycle, purchase history, and how much the customer or lead is worth. 

Make greater connections by harnessing your data and personalising your marketing and sales offers with the Brainiac Business Platform.

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Business Leaders use the Brainiac Business Platform to Solve 3 Major Business-related Issues -

  • They don't have a tool or system that can manage or provide an overview of all prospects, leads and customers and where they are in their buying cycle.
  • They have no automation in place to follow up and nurture their prospects or existing customers.
  • Their data is held in multiple subscriptions making it hard to track trends and act quickly to measure engagement, track KPIs, sales efforts and marketing campaigns.
  • They need a robust booking and/or subscription ecommerce system to add to their website to streamline their operation and boost recurring payments.

Used and Loved by Small and Large Businesses Globally

Save yourself time and money with one platform that takes care of it all.

Packed with benefits and features to elevate your business

See why 1000’s of businesses love the easy to use platform

Membership Management
Event Management
Virtual Training
Email Marketing
Content Strategy

Is Brainiac Business Platform for Me?

Brainiac Business Platform is a powerful tool used by large organisations and small business owners that are passionate about elevating their business and want to increase customer sales, engagement and retention.

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