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What is UX design

If you’re thinking of launching a new website or redesigning an old one, you may have heard of the term UX Design. 

What is UX Design In A Nutshell 

User experience (UX) design is the process designers use to create products that provide meaningful experiences to users. It combines aspects of user psychology and technology while incorporating brand, design, usability and function.

So, Why Is UX Design So Important When It Comes To Designing Your Website Or Web Application?

Websites and web applications have increasingly become more complex as industry technologies advance, this has naturally led to a rise in customer expectations. As with any business, product innovation and design play a vital role in engaging and attracting customers successfully. 

How has UX Design been implemented by businesses over the years

We have all seen, and experienced companies change, innovate and upgrade their websites and tech solutions to meet better usability and greater user adoption. For instance, before Paypal launched its redesigned website in 2014, their website was overly complex. They have since made effort to simplify their website and mobile app experience to attract more users. 

Another example of how UX has been used by businesses to differentiate their brand in a crowded marketplace is Mailchimp, they tap into the human psychology of UX/UI design by giving their web application a face, although not a human one. Their mascot, a chimpanzee called Frederick von Chimpenheimer IV or simply Freddie for short, appears throughout their interface, bringing humour, high fives and emotional connection with users. By adding humanization into your technology, as Mailchimp has, it adds depth to what could otherwise be a slightly boring experience of managing your email marketing. 

What to consider before hiring a UX designer to carry out your UX design 

UX design requires companies to consider the needs of the people using their products or website, apps etc. By placing your users at the center of your design process, you guarantee your website or web application engages, converts and, most importantly, provides a great user experience. 

A website’s success boils down to how users interact with and perceive it. When visitors hit a website or try out a piece of software, they inadvertently think about the following questions  “Does this website give me value? Is it easy to use? Is it pleasant to use?”. These questions that run through the minds of visitors as they interact with a product or website form the basis of their decisions on whether to continue using the website, software or product and ultimately becoming a customer or regular user. 

Just think about your own experiences using a website or piece of software recently and how it made you feel, did it frustrate you, or did it delight you, did you find what you were looking for with ease? That’s UX in a nutshell. 

Interested in learning more about using UX when designing a website or web application, contact our UX design team.

Or visit our website design page to find out more about our UX and UI process when building and designing websites for our clients. 

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